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Fighting Back Becomes Your Lifestyle

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About Us

When you join JUS BXN, you become partof our team, our family. This is safe space, where you will get all the support and encouragement you can handle. 

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but with your squad behind you, you will reach that next level.

Together we are STRONG!


Group Session

This is a group of members that share a personal training session. The minimum amount is 4 people and the max is 10.


Group sessions allow members to progress together, build a community and maintain healthy and safety. Therefore this is not an open class - and any new members will have to go through a screening process before joining the session.


This is the best way to learn and grow with your team and a build a strong support system. In Group, we help each other strengthen their weakness.


“Together we are strong”

Training Camp

Preparing for fight night takes dedication and consistency. The way to get a boxer into tip top shape is a “Training Camp”.


This way members can commit as a group to a tailored programme. The Training Camp runs for 3 Weeks, 6 Weeks or 9 Weeks.


Groups can book casual sessions as a one off. Please see our price packages below. The more committed the team, the lower the cost for each session.


The key word is “dedication”


Choose a day and time that suits you. If there is none, let me know when you want a session and if you can bring your squad we can make a plan




Thanks for submitting!

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Dear Squad,

If you're looking to get your fitness regime started or simply take your training to the next level - you have come to the right place. 

Below, you'll find out about how our sessions run and what format will work for you. Feel free to reach out to me at any stage.

I'm here to help.

Jordan James

Head Coach

Follow Us @JUS.BXN

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