Holistic Nutrition

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Holistic Nutrition takes into account not only your diet, but also your lifestyle choices and health status in order to build a realistic plan to optimise your health.

We don’t believe in “dieting” or a quick fix but rather improving your relationship with food and giving you the tools necessary to make effective changes for long-term results and benefits.

Initial Consultation 90 minutes (enquire about prices)
  • Full case history
  • Dietary habits
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Current health issues
  • Medical and family history

You will be given an individually tailored nutritional programme with a great emphasis placed on: bespoke detoxification and rejuvenation using an organic alkalising diet, juicing, whole-food supplementation and herbs when appropriate.

Handouts, lifestyle coaching and email support are also included.

Follow up session: 60 minutes (enquire about prices)

More than a typical nutritionist, Zuzana’s training as a naturopathic nutritionist has given her an understanding of biochemistry, metabolism, and how the body functions so she is able to tailor dietary recommendations based on your individual needs given your medical history and goals.

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Zuzana completely changed my diet and my thinking about food, I am never hungry and don’t feel sluggish and sleepy after lunch, which was my biggest problem.
Leila KorbosliTrader, UBS Bank

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Answer questions 1 - 14 below using the following criteria.

  • Choose option A or B that best describes how you feel during a 24 hour period.
  • If option A relates to you at some times e.g. lunch but not late evening, and option B relates to you at other times, then feel free to tick both options.
  • If neither of the answers relate to you then do not tick a box.
  • DO NOT tick those that describe how you think you should feel! The more honest the answers the more accurate the report. 🙂

1. I sleep best when:

2. I sleep best if:

3. I sleep best and wake up feeling most rested if I:

4. After vigorous exercise, I tend to crave:

5. In order to last 4 hours between meals and maintain mental clarity and a sense of well-being, I prefer to eat:

6. Which best describes your reaction to sugar or sweet foods such as jelly donuts, candy or sweetened drinks:

7. My body shape is closest to:

8. Which statement best describes your disposition towards food in general:

9. In general, I prefer to:

10. Instinctually, I prefer to eat:

11. Which list of fish appeals most to you?

12. When eating dairy products, I feel best after eating?

13. With regard to snacking:

14. Which characteristics best describe you:

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