Zuzana Loderova

With a unique holistic approach which makes her popular with all of her clients, Zuzana knows how to achieve long lasting results.

She has studied under the biggest names in the industry; she is a CHEK Exercise Coach and BANT registered nutritionist.

Whether you have a busy work schedule as an office professional or want to regain your figure after having a baby, Zuzana can provide both motivation and passion to help you get back to your best.

Specialist in:

  • Nutrition
  • C H E K exercise coach
  • Body recomposition
  • Fat loss
  • New mums conditioning
  • Core stability training


Zuzana Loderova
Want to see how Zuzana can help you achieve your fitness goals?

What Zuzana’s Clients Say

After having my second child I wanted to get back in shape and especially flatten my stomach. I have been training with Zuzana for 5 months now and I am feeling great. Even my lower back pain has diminished and I am so happy about that! I can pick up and run around with my children without pain. Her sessions are fun and never the same, so I don't have the chance to get bored. My husband also noticed the difference in my body shape and mostly in my confidence. The Jus PT team is excellent.- Barbara Kloda / Mother of two
Training with Zuzana is fun; challenging but fun! She pushes me and gets the most out of me, which is exactly what I need. As a model I often need to lose extra inches fast, her detox plan is safe and very effective. With Zuzana you can get Great results fast.- Renata Krizsova / International Model
My goals were to tone up, have more energy and improve my diet. My job is very demanding; I often have to work long hours. Zuzana is a great trainer, I wanted to specifically have a female trainer, because I was self-conscious training with a male trainer. Zuzana understands a woman's body, we do lots of squats and fun exercises, and I have noticed a change in my body shape. She completely changed my diet and my thinking about food. I am never hungry and don't feel sluggish and sleepy after lunch, which was my biggest problem. I like that she is flexible and fits sessions around my working hours.- Leila Korbosli / Trader, UBS Bank