I’ve been training with Jordan for almost two years now and still cannot get enough. He is the most talented and committed personal trainer around. He always focuses on helping me achieving new goals and makes every session challenging and fun at the same time.

Although I consider myself physically active, I have always had areas of weakness and through training with Jordan my fitness has increased and I have seen huge improvements in my ability to complete exercise I couldn’t do before and generally push myself harder throughout each session.

As a medical doctor and gym enthusiastic I can say he always ensures that my technique is correct to avoid any injuries and he is very knowledgeable about the body and its physiology and incorporates nutrition advice to enhance your training.

Last but not least I have to mention that his schedule is very flexible and he tries to accommodate to you as much as possible and generally he is extremely reliable and punctual.

I thoroughly enjoy working out with Jordan and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a personal trainer.

One word. Outstanding! I can’t praise the professionalism and reassuring approach of the JusPT team enough. A few months before my wedding I signed up to their ‘Bride To Be’ training package with mixed expectations of wanting to look amazing on my big day, but unsure if I could meet my goals in time.

Working with Zuzana on a personalised nutritional plan helped focused my efforts in eating healthy and sticking to my plan, it definitely encouraged my mental focus when training three times a week with Jordan who was consistently amazing… even on grey wet days!

Results driven these guys are all about tailoring a plan that’s beneficial to you. Seeing the physical change in my body made me love training with JusPT every week.

Shakira Payne: Bride/Director of PR Company Two Tones

After having my second child I wanted to get back into shape and especially flatten my stomach. I have been training with Zuzana for 5 months now and I am feeling great – even my lower back pain has diminished! I am so happy about that, I can pick up and run around with my children without pain.

Her sessions are fun and never the same, so I don’t have a chance to get bored. My husband also noticed the difference in my body shape and mostly in my confidence. The Jus PT team is excellent.

Barbara KlodaMother of two
Working out with Jordan is always fun and rewarding!

He brings something new to each session, demonstrating different exercises, educating me on food and intolerances, healthier menu options and he shares recipes. He’s always on time, shares positive energy, is very patient and understanding, and ready with a copy of a training plan for each session.

This is why Jordan is a great Personal Trainer, and others are only fitness instructors as he not only teaches you how to keep fit, but how to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been training with Jordan for nearly three years and it’s been fantastic. Not only has my body been transformed (and it has!), I’ve also learned so much about fitness, health and my body. Sometimes I still can’t believe how much things like my posture, coordination and energy have improved too. Though I was initially resistant to the boxing, now it’s my favourite bit! Jordan truly makes fitness so rewarding AND fun, I don’t know what I’d do without him!
As a highly fit individual I had always questioned the need for a personal trainer, however, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Jordan is very passionate about his job and took a great interest in my needs. He created a plan and pushed me to the next level which is exactly what I needed but was struggling to reach on my own. Whether you are just beginning in fitness training work or have been training for a long time I would highly recommend Jordan.
My goals were to tone up, have more energy and improve my diet. My job is very demanding; I often have to work long hours. Zuzana is a great trainer, I wanted to specifically have a female trainer because I was self-conscious training with a male trainer.

Zuzana understands a woman’s body, we do lots of squats and fun exercises, and I have noticed a change in my body shape.

She completely changed my diet and my thinking about food, I am never hungry and don’t feel sluggish and sleepy after lunch, which was my biggest problem. I like that she is flexible and fits sessions around my working hours.

Leila KorbosliTrader, UBS Bank
I have used many different personal trainers in the past but have never got the results I was looking for. I have been working with Alexi for 4 months and have already seen amazing results.

She made me a programme which has completely changed my body and given me the results I’ve always wanted. Flatter stomach and toned body.

Derin LawsonProperty Manager
After struggling with my weight for many years, I decided to join a gym but couldn’t seem to find the motivation to go on my own. A friend recommended Jordan to me and it was the best thing I could have done.

Jus PT’s holistic approach to personal training meant that my training sessions were tailored specifically to my needs; I lost weight and increased my fitness levels.

The team has great knowledge of nutritional therapy which is an added bonus as they set me on the right track with the right foods that really helped with my weight loss. 2 years after beginning training and despite reaching my target weight I still love working with Jordan as he still finds a way to challenge my body and keep my workouts interesting!

Faron LlewellynConstruction Worker
I suffered from hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) a few years ago which stopped me being able to exercise or do any other activity. Once my doctor helped stabilise my condition with medicine and I felt better, I wanted to be more active again. A friend of mine recommended Jus PT personal trainers to me. Jordan is a patient and very kind trainer. Since working with Jordan, my fitness levels have improved to even better than they were before my illness. I have received nutritional advice, which I followed under the supervision of my GP and my health has improved considerably. I feel and look better than ever before.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the trainers at Jus PT for the past year. I love boxing based training with Jordan to get a really intensive full body workout and take out my stress in a focused session. I like working with Jordan as he has a unique training style and the variety helps make my workouts interesting.

Ana JimenezPharmacist
Training with Zuzana is fun; challenging but fun. She pushes me and gets the most out of me, which is exactly what I need.

As a model I often need to lose extra inches fast, her detox plan is safe and very effective. With Zuzana you can get great results fast.

Renata KrizsovaModel